About Us

         Inspire Art Gallery was started in the year 2011, with a idea to promote Art & Culture. It's aim is to reach, as a professional art gallery that promotes and supports Indian art. The gallery works with both senior and young artists. It has started for the young, upcoming artists. The Gallery was established for promoting talent and critically artists who are still to receive wide-ranging applause.

We always look for new and Talented artists. Apart from all varieties of Indian arts like Contemparoy,abstract,Figurative etc.. we collect “Digital Paintings” created with digital tools by means of a Computer for exhibition.

The gallery consists of artists and gallery directors committed to a semantic project which proudly privileges the quality of work represented. The gallery is an independent reflexive space which extends its praxis towards all branches of Cultural Art. The gallery tries to achieve the institutional power of overcoming social conditions because of their internal commitment to the idea of quality is intense.

The gallery offers genuine art works for sale made by Senior Artists and as well as young and talented artists, who are specialized in Oil Paintings,Acrylics,Figurative and Photography through Still Life, Landscape.

We invite Art Lovers, NRIs and Businessmen and Houses wifes to visit the gallery and utiilize the opportuniy to acquire valuable paintings and Art.Do not miss the opportunity to view and purchase one of the original paintings and art.